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Hi, we are Tim and Tom.
We work with listed companies, startups and existing brands to help them tell their stories. We've also worked within world renowned digital and communications agencies.

Julian Broadbent is the former Global Director of Advanced Planning at General Motors and two years ago we wrote and executed the strategy for the launch of his company, AEV Robotics. The launch resulted in global media coverage, industry awards being won and millions of investment dollars being raised. Here's what he had to say about our work:
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Today anyone can produce these sorts of results. We want to show you the simplest and fastest way to do it so we created a guide that clearly explains the steps to follow.

This is potentially the difference between your launch being a phenomenal success or a catastrophic failure.

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Who is this designed for?

Business Owners

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“By following these simple steps we have become industry leaders"
Nick Lonsdale
Young Master Builder of the Year - Lonsdale Building Group


What's actually in the guide?
This 41 page guide is a powerful, no-nonsense tool that clearly explains the exact process for launching or growing your brand. It includes:

- An interactive process to follow
- Foolproof checklists and hot tips
- The do's and don'ts for each step
"The launch was a momentous turning point for our business"
Julian Broadbent
CEO - AEV Robotics

Some companies we work alongside.

So don't cheat yourself out of this opportunity!

This document literally has the potential to change your life.

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